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McGeehan Golf

Project Background
Mark McGeehan is a leading PGA golf professional in Oxfordshire offering expert coaching and tution to golfers of all abilities. He is a resident professional at two local golf clubs.

McGeehan Golf required the reworking of the current web site which was considerably out dated and didn't reflect the current direction in which the business was going.

Solution Delivered
Web Eminent conducted a consultation with the client to gain a thorough understanding of the business in order to tailor a solution which directly meets the requirements of the clients business.

The core business is primiarily through tution and lessons, but McGeehan Golf from time to time orgainses golf trips and breaks to supplement the business as well as sale of golf equipment to pupils. This has become essential in order to combat the seasonal nature of core business of golf coaching.

Web Eminent saw the potential of this and formulated a solution which incoropated these facets of the business through an ecommerce web site solution. Web Eminent created three distinct brands and identities in order to target these areas of the business more precisely. 

  • McGeehan Golf Academy
  • McGeehan Golf Breaks
  • McGeehan Golf Store

The McGeehan Golf Academy brand focusses on the coaching, tution, events and pro-ams and provides information about these services with the ability to book a lesson online. 

The McGeehan Golf Breaks brand promotes the golf trips with information about forthcoming trips and prices with ability to book a holiday through an online booking system on the web site.This enabled the business to reach a much larger consumer base than just the pupils that McGeehan Golf coached. 

The McGeehan Golf Store brand delivers an extensive ecommerce store with a large product range to allow users to purchase equipment online. This also opened the sale of equipment to people outside of the Golf Academy and again enabled the business to reach a much larger consumer base thus driving up sales.

As well as a rebranding exercise Web Eminent delivered SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to improve search engine ranking, Eccomerce fucntionality and a Content Management System to allow the dynamic update of the web site content, store products and golf breaks as well as managing user accounts and store orders.

Key Benefits

  • Increased tution uptake through better awarness
  • Improved the business profile offering a more professional perception
  • Enabled the opportunity to diversifiy of the business
  • Increased business opportunities through the addition of the Golf Breaks and Golf Store.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) enabled increased traffic to the web site.
McGeehan Golf Academy
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