Encore Dance & Song

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Encore Dance & Song

Project Background
Encore Dance & Song is one of many dancing schools in the local area in a very competitive market sector. Encore Dance & Song had no previous online presence so a web site was required to increase awareness and promote the school to the local community to drive up and maintain it's membership base.

Moreover the web site was required to communicate information about results, exams, lessons and timetables to the existing membership base and to give a flavour of the ethos behind the dancing school.

Solution Delivered
The Encore Dance & Song web site was delivered using a new corporate identity and branding which was developed by Web Eminent. The styling of the web site encompassed the ethos and essence of the school and this was incorprated into the wider aspects of the business including all offline communications, uniforms and equipment.

An aggressive SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) exercise was carried out to ensure that the dancing school was found easily via all the leading search engines ahead of the local competition.

During the initial consultation Web Eminent identified an area of the business that had not been previously explored fully. A lack of dance equipment suppliers in the local area meant that Encore Dance & Song sourced equipment and clothing for it's pupils.

A web site was now a perfect vehicle in which to futher diversify the business and sell dance equipment online. An ecommerce element was suggested to complement the corporate web site.  

Not only targetting the existing membership base to purchase equipment but the web site enabled to attract other dancers to the site to purchase equipment and thus indirectly promoting the school itself. Also by tapping into other dancers in the area to purchase equipment it heighten the profile and awareness of Encore Dance & Song and its core offering.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent search engine ranking over local competitors
  • Increased membership enquiries
  • Diversification of the business through an ecommerce store
  • Improved profile and awareness